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St. John's Ealing

News from Riddings

  • Our big news of the week - as you may have heard is winning the Derbyshire Active Place award, we were nominated by a parent for our innovative use of our outdoor play areas, and on Wednesday evening Mr Askew, Miss Whiteman and Miss Gregory attended the award ceremony at Shirebrook, where we were delighted to be announced as the Winners of our category - luckily Mr Askew had his acceptance speech written... just in case!
  • Leading on from this, we've had some more developments over the last week or so in our outdoor space with the Forest Playground having some HUGE sections of tree trunks and branches delivered - which the children have loved climbing over, with a large upstanding trunk being nicknamed 'Pride Rock' by the children. Wandering around at lunch time it's delightful to hear the imagination of children running wild as they pretend that the felled trees are pirate ships or dragons and making 'houses' from a ring of old tyres. We've also had extra holds added to the climbing wall a meaning it's getting more use than ever.
  • World Book day was on Thursday, and Mrs Jarvis had the fantastic idea of holding a book swap this year, the plan being children could bring in a book they had already read and exchange it for one they would like to read. The quality and quantity of the books the children brought in was astounding - and the event created a real excitement around the ethos of World Book Day, which is getting the children to read and appreciate books (and as a parent, I was grateful for not having to organise costumes!) We had so many books donated we are thinking of running the event again in a few weeks - 'Riddings Book Swap'.



This weeks year 3 and 4 PRIDE children are:

Oakes Class: Bethany B

Eaton Class: Evie & Leighton

Clarke Class: Caiden & Chloe H

Hilton Class: Molly & Cara


Well done to all those children