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St. John's Ealing

New Class Teachers 2019-20

As Miss Punter, our new class teacher from September, has been in school today we have told the children who their new class teacher will be next year.  This gave all the children a chance to greet their 2019-20 teacher in person rather than a class miss out.

Please also be aware that the children will be taught by other staff throughout the year  giving them the experience of adjusting to different personalities and styles - something that is especially important to prepare them for as they move to secondary school and subject specific staff.


New Year 3

New Oakes Class - Mrs Jarvis with Miss Widdowson teaching on a Friday.

New Hilton Class - Miss Jones

New Year 4

Current Oakes Class (Mrs Jarvis) will be taught in Year 4 by Miss Graham and become Clarke Class

Current Eaton Class (Mr Askew) will be taught in Year 4 by Miss Punter and stay as Eaton Class

New Year 5

Current Clarke Class (Miss Graham) will be taught in Year 5 by Miss Pilling and become Richards Class

Current Hilton Class (Miss Jones) will be taught in Year 5 by Miss Jarrett and become Shrewsbury Class

New Year 6

Current Richards Class (Miss Pilling) will be taught in Year 6 by Miss Saville  - with Mrs Godfrey on a Friday, and become Townsend Class

Current Shrewsbury Class (Miss Jarrett) will be taught in Year 6 by Mr Jones and become Parkin Class