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Year 6

 Townsend CLASS AND Clarke CLASS

 Miss Saville (Townsend), Miss Graham (ClarkE), MRS Godfrey

TAs - Mrs Patrick, Mrs Hunt, Miss Smith, Mrs Pedley,  Mr Gibson


 Wow, the summer term already!

It's really important that Y6s consolidate their school-based learning with focussed and regular home learning. This means reading regularly and quizzing; completing English and Maths Weekly Workouts; spending time on Lexia, TT Rockstars, Numbots and Spelling Frame; and dipping back into previous homelearning where they know they need further practice.

Links to all our apps are at the bottom of the page.

Please click here for a downloadable version of the Home Learning booklet and click on the relevant subject for copies of the ReadingWriting and Maths RAARE (Reduced Attendance Age Related Expectations) shared in the email of w/b 3rd May.

The 3 'R's

Reading, Writing and Maths will continue to be strong priorities during the Summer Term provision as we ready the children for transition to secondary school. Becoming fluent, competent, enthusiastic readers is the key to learning and we will seek to expose the children to a wide variety of texts, authors, styles and knowledge. Writing opportunities will link to our units of learning as well as to other inspirations which encourage the children to communicate clearly whilst developing their own voice.

In Maths, we will ensure that children's arithmetic methods are accurate and efficient and that they are able to use them to reason and problem solve. Fractions, algebra, geometry and measures will allow them to explore Maths more fully. 

Units of Learning

This term we will be learning about life in Victorian times and studying the Vikings. In Science, we will look at living things, their habitats and how certain plants and animals are well adapted to where they live. Children will create their own 'curious creature' and use this as a basis for a number of writing tasks. As part of our micro-organisms learning, we hope to have the opportunity to make bread.

Linking to our very moving Number The Stars Book Study, we will be finding out how and why prejudice and persecution have existed throughout history and still do today. We will explore myths associated with migration, challenge stereotypes and consider how we can all contribute to making the world a better place. Provided guidance allows, we are planning a visit to the National Holocaust Centre in Newark.

As part of transition, we will also study the fabulous Wonder - an emotional story following Augie and his family as they deal with many changes, challenges, opportunities and disasters.


Learning from previous weeks is still available on the website so if you haven't completed it all or if you want to revisit something, please feel free to have a look. 

Don't forget the links to the apps you should be using at least three times per week at home are below - don't let those vital skills get (or stay) rusty!

PE will be outdoors every Tuesday and Wednesday so make sure you have your outdoor kit. It will get chilly and wet if we're not prepared.

PE lessons will focus on fitness.

Daily Home Learning






Reading of ZPD books and books of choice.  Please complete BLUE SHEET ACTIVITIES regularly and always complete one after finishing a book.

Accelerated Reading Quizzing

TTRockstars - sound check, studio and whatever else you want to do (not just jamming on easy tables though!) for between 10 - 30 minutes.

Spelling Frame - complete a quiz and play the games for between 10-30 minutes. As well as this week's list, you can always go back and redo the games and activities for a spelling pattern you find tricky.

Plus Top Marks Speed Challenge - How fast can you get?

Lexia - complete your next session. If you are logging on to a new device for the first time, follow the instruction guide here.

GET PHYSICAL! - A selection of activities to get you (and your family) up and moving : )

Homework Grid - activities linked to this term's Units of Learning

Free eBooks from the Oak Academy online library:

The Story of Tracy Beaker by Jacqueline Wilson

The Girl Who Stole an Elephant by Nizrana Farook

Mr Tiger, Betsy and the Blue Moon by Sally Gardner

Cookie by Konnie Huq

Romans on the Rampage by Jeremy Strong

Starfell by Dominique Valente




Below you can find full details of the curriculum in year 6. Click on the link to find. 

Year 6 whole year curriculum map  (may WILL be subject to change!)