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St. John's Ealing

School Council

March 2015

School Council celebrate their part in helping school secure £1,000,000 so that we can at last have a new roof that doesn't leak and the chance to build some more classrooms as school becomes more and more popular.


The School Council unveiled our newly decorated serving area. They have been involved in planning the designs and colours and are very proud of the finished results! Thank you so much to Derbyshire Catering Service for their help and support.



The School Council representatives discussed their ideas about how the dining area of the hall could be made to look more welcoming so that it provided a more comfortable and exciting place to eat.  After talking to their classes they decided that they would like to; see bright colours, knives and forks (because somebody (!) wants to remind everyone to use them), information about diet and a place to let everyone know what is being served.  

Together with Mr Cates the School Council produced a design idea which was then prshared with all the children in school.  It was then suggested that the school hall needed redecorating before the signs were put up - so the Governors managed to find some money to have this done!  The new signage was then put up over half term, and we think you'll agree it has made a fantastic difference!

The School Council have been involved in establishing the links we have
created with a small school in NE Uganda - they have been leading fund
raising activities and will lead the decisions on how we spend what we
have raised.
Please see the assembly that we ran on Uganda here and for more up to
date news check out the January 2016 Newsletter