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St. John's Ealing

Pupil Voice 2016

During our most recent school council meeting, class representatives decided it would be a good idea to give each class and each individual the opportunity to share ideas with everyone that could help improve our school. Pupil  Voice posters and pupil voice tickets have been produced and have been distributed throughout school.

Pupils are encouraged to either write on the laminated class posters or alternatively post their ideas in the Pupil voice box which is located in the conservatory. In turn these Ideas will then be discussed in school council meetings and decisions  made by pupils as to which ideas and improvements would make a real difference and which they would like to adopt. Votes will be cast and a majority decision will allow the best ideas to move forward. This is just one of the ways we experience democracy in our school. 

Pupils are encouraged to be as creative as possible and every idea and thought is valued, but pupils are also encouraged to think about practical possibilities and cost. We believe that this gives all pupils the opportunity to have a real voice in the future of our school - the pupil voice.

school pencil

In this part of the website we hope to share some of the ideas that have been decided upon and let you know where we are with each suggestion.

How might we support Bungwnayi Primary School?

click here for more information on the school

Currently all the pupils are voting - using a ballot paper - on how best to spend the money we have raised to best help our partner school.


The results will be announced in Monday's assembly and the money sent out to Uganda in the next 3 weeks.  We will share the news of progress at the school as soon as we receive some pictures.