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Reading with your child

We ask all families to read with their children at least 3 times each week but more often is even better! Reading regularly and reading for pleasure are among the key indicators in how successful children will be academically so we appreciate the time and effort you devote to this.

Reading 'with' your child can be them reading aloud to you, you reading to them or a mixture. It should always include discussions about what is being read - the events, characters, facts, layout of pages, vocabulary used, pictures etc and children should be encouraged to support their ideas and opinions with references to and from the text.

Please encourage your child to complete their home-school learning diaries whenever they read and we ask you to check and sign these at least weekly. The reading diaries are regularly checked in class and children receive teampoints for regular reading, improvements in the quality and quantity of their reading, for their comments etc.

Obviously, we like them to enjoy reading the books we have in school and your child will be on a particular book band colour or ZP code. These bandings cover a range of ability with some cross over and the idea is to read widely within a section before moving on. The system is designed to expand vocabulary, introduce more complex sentence structures, widen knowledge of character and plot and develop reading stamina in a progressive way. It is not a race to the finish!

Often children will dip into a range below the one they are reading - especially when we purchase new books and they spot something that takes their fancy. Other times, they may want to reread a much loved book or series. Both of these are perfectly acceptable reading habits and should be encouraged alongside continuing to read within your colour band. Similarly, children who enjoy reading comics, their own books, library books, websites, newspapers etc are still reading and should be praised and encouraged. We are more than happy for that reading to be recorded in the home-school diary too and in fact find it useful in helping us further develop our reading stock.

We appreciate your help and support with reading so THANK YOU! 

Below are links to websites that you may find useful

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