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St. John's Ealing

Feedback from Parental Questionnaires 2016-17

Please click here to see the survey results from October's Parent Consultations 2017

It was extremely pleasing to see that overwhelmingly parents and carers views of school are positive and supportive.

A few parents raised concerns regarding the amount of homework that is given - can we remind everyone that the minimum expectation is that;

  • Children should be reading to and with an adult at least three times a week,
  • All the children have spellings and times tables to learn (a daily practise session)
  • The children all have online access to RMEasimaths and TTRockstars - a d10-15b minute daily session on these will see their mathematical progress rocket
  • In addition there is a choice homework grid for each year group (on their class pages) which gives plenty of different activities to work on at home.


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