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Feedback from Parental Questionnaires 2016-17

Thank you for taking the time to complete the Governors Questionnaire at the last Parent Consultations for Year 3 - 5.

We continue to be pleased to see that the vast majority of parents/carers have positive views of school.  We always look closely at areas of concern and aim to address these. 

The amount of homework remains an issue for a small number of parents/carers- please remember that RMeasimaths can be accessed at all times and the homework choice grids are on the website - no child has yet to complete all the tasks on these.  Please also remember that there is a lot of information on how you might support you child on the website or please ask your child's teacher.

It would be extremely helpful if parents/carers who felt that they disagreed with some of the statements could let us know how they think that school might address their concerns - this is particularly true of concerns about the information we provide to you about your child's progress.

We are pleased that more parents feel we have put on a variety of activities over the year  - volunteers to support clubs/activities are always very welcome.

Once again thank you for the time you took to provide us with your views - if you would like to add anything please contact any of the Governors via school.

Many thanks

Mr J Mitchell
Vice Chair of Governors - Riddings Junior School

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