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St. John's Ealing

Family Learning 

5th March 2015 - Family e learning.  As a family take a look at this new website which helps guide families through the complicated choices about what to watch and surf online 


Friday May 8th is the 70th anniversay of what momentous event - can you discover how the day was celebrated?

19th January 2015 Community Writing - please see the Learning Zone for the 'Everyone's a Writer' project

16th February 2015 In assembly we have been looking at what lies behind our British Values.    We know that our school values of            P R I D E are similar and help us understand the values of Freedom, Respect and Tolerance.


Today we thought about Respect for the law and learnt a little about the Magna Carta - we also talked about how this agreement has led to  the development of our democracy.  This picture is of someone who was hugely important part in forming our democracy - can anyone tell me who she is and what she did? She was born in Manchester in 1858.






6th March 2015 - Mr Jones is delivering a number of assemblies on esafety and is using SMART as a way to remind you all about how to stay safe online.  Teach your parents/carers/familes about what SMART means. 

Can you design an esafety poster for your classroom?

May 2015 - In assembly we have talked about two events that are being celebrated now.


Battle of Waterloo

Magna Carta

 Can you find out any information about one?  How long ago did they occur and whay were they important?


 June 2015 - the Women's Football World Cup is being held in Canada this month.  Can you found out any facts and figures about Canada?  How large is the country? What is it's population? Which cities are the world cup games being held in? 

What about the England team?  Who are the star players?  What are their chances? Sunday 28th - this morning the team reached the semi-final of the coompetition!  Do you know what the score was?

 September/October 2015

British PRIDE - as a family decide upon who you regard as being a Briton who represents everything PRIDE stands for, from history or today.  Draw a picture (A4 size) & write a short report on them explaining why they are your ultimate example of British PRIDE.

Please hand this in after half term & we will choose the best examples to decorate our British PRIDE wall in the conservatory.


 October 2015 - Movember designs

Mr Askew, Mr Butler, Mr Cates, Mr Crosby & Mr Ram (who don't know it yet!) & Mr Jones will all be sprouting a moustache to help raise awareness of cancer in the month of November& will raise money for the charity Movember.  What they would like you to do is to draw a picture of them (you choose how many) a moustache style that they might be able to try and grow during the month (don't be too hopeful - our moustaches won't grow that quickly!)

 The winning designers will win a small prize and their designs posted on the website.

Moustache day (27th November) will be a non-uniform, wear a moustache day with a £1 donation - if you or anyone in your family would like to sponsor any of the teachers that would be great or maybe it would be even better if you got your dad, grandad, uncle, step-dad, older brother to grow a moustache and get sponsored as well!

October / November 2015

Matchstick challenges - try these 3 challenges at home (click here) - can you find the solution?


November 2015

Have a look at the homework grid link - there's a link to a challenge to learn more about the foreign language you are learning in class - can you carry out 3 challenges to earn an INDEPENDENCE sticker? You can also access it by clicking here.

January 2016

2016 sees a large number of anniversaries occurring - can you carry out some research to discover what these anniversaries are and how many years ago the original events happened?

I expect every one of you who is a PRIDE badge holder or who is aiming to achieve a badge to have a go!!


March 2016

British Science Week
As a family have a go at this quiz (click here) about British Science.