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Our Wider World

This year we have made a link with a small primary school in Eastern Uganda.  We are hoping to raise money to help them enjoy their learning even more.

The assembly that introduced the children to Uganda and to Bungwanye Primary School can be seen here.

There are other photos that show a little of life in rural Uganda

We are proud of our fundraising and see it as a big part of our school and British Values focus demonstrating our Respect for others and understanding of difference.  In addition the pupils are able to take part in a democratic process of deciding how to spend the money they have raised. Click here

February 2016

Following a whole school vote the children decided to spend the money on providing new mud walls for some of the classrooms at Bungwanyi Primary School.  Two weeks later the money was taken to the school community and amidst much rejoicing the work began - £600 was the equivalent of winning the lottery for the community!  very quickly new walls began to go up and amazingly through careful budgeting there was money left over which has been used to begin the construction of a new classroom.  Mr Cates spoke to the children in assembly about this and how our two new classrooms are going to cost £600,000!

What a difference you have all made to the lives of children in another country - thank you - what's next?

Take a look at these most recent photos.

Bungwanyi Primary School (18 images)

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Muyembe, North East Uganda (43 images)

A selection of photos showing life near to Bungwanyi Primary School our partner school near Muyembe, NE Uganda

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