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St. John's Ealing

Refurbished windows and building work

Over the summer break a considerable amount of work has been done to refurbish the huge number of windows around the school.  Many of them have not been maintained for many years given the prohibitive cost and difficulties in accessing them - especially those on the second floor.  Each window has been removed, repaired and re-painted, the sash systems have been renewed and new window ironmongery fitted.  In addition each pane of glass has been removed and replaced with a slimline double glazed cassette. We are now able to open and close windows (some had been painted shut for the best part of 30 years) and the children will hopefully feel a little warmer in winter and cooler in the summer.  The funding for this refurbishment was secured, after considerable lobbying from Derbyshire County Council a number of years ago - at last the work is done.


In addition to the windows the last part of our building plan has also been completed with the refurbishment of the staff toilets - after 5 years of work we now have a school building that, despite being 175 years old, is a fa far better place to learn in.