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Healthy Children

Most children in the UK maintain a healthy weight throughout childhood.

However childhood obesity is a major issue in England with 22.4% of reception aged children and 34.3% of year 6 children now classed as overweight or very overweight.  This should be a major concern for all of us as being an overweight and unfit child can set up a pattern for later life.  As a parent or carer you are best placed to be able to monitor your child’s progress.

Keeping children healthy and well is a key priority in Derbyshire. One of the ways that we can do this is to ensure young people are a healthy weight.

That's where the National Child Measurement Programme comes in.

Derbyshire County Council is required to collect data on reception year and year 6 children's height and weight from schools within their area.

The link below will tell you more about the National Child Measurement Programme. and there is a variety of information and resources which can help address concerns you may have about your child's health and fitness.

Keeping your child healthy