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Maths at Home: 

From the week beginning the 11th May, White Rose Hub Maths are linking their provision with BBC Bitesize but are removing free access to their premium resources. As school already subscribes to the premium service, we will be able to continue providing the worksheets (with answers) that many of you have enjoyed using: how you access the resources will be different though.

Following the White Rose Hub link from HERE or the icon on the other home learning pages will take you to the WRH site as it always did. Here you will find their learning videos and an additional link to BBC Bitesize for further related content. You will not be able to access the worksheets/questions from there though so links are provided below.


Year 1: Week 6 questions              Year 1: Week 6 answers

Year 2: Week 6 questions                Year 2: Week 6 answers

Year 3: Week 6 questions               Year 3: Week 6 answers

Year 4: Week 6 questions                Year 4: Week 6 answers

Year 5: Week 6 questions                Year 5: Week 6 answers

Year 6: Week 6 questions               Year 6: Week 6 answers


Year 1: Week 5 questions               Year 1: Week 5 answers

Year 2: Week 5 questions                 Year 2: Week 5 answers

Year 3: Week 5 questions               Year 3: Week 5 answers

Year 4: Week 5 questions                Year 4: Week 5 answers

Year 5: Week 5 questions                Year 5: Week 5 answers

Year 6: Week 5 questions               Year 6: Week 5 answers


Remember, in school we begin new topics by revisiting previous learning so would encourage you to check out earlier year group videos and resources, especially if the learning is new or seems challenging.

As always, if you need sheets printing off, we are happy to do so with some notice. It's always lovely to have a chat with our families whilst they are collecting resources. 


Year 1: Week 4 questions                Year 1: Week 4 answers

Year 2: Week 4 questions                 Year 2: Week 4 answers

Year 3: Week 4 questions                Year 3: Week 4 answers

Year 4: Week 4 questions                Year 4: Week 4 answers

Year 5: Week 4 questions                Year 5: Week 4 answers

Year 6: Week 4 questions                Year 6: Week 4 answers