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St. John's Ealing


Key Instant Recall Facts - the children should be practising these 3 times a week until they become fluent in their recall.  Have a look at their year group expectations (click here) ....they are a challenge!

In school , don't forget you can sign into both RMEasimaths and TTRockstars to help keep your maths skills sharp and fluent! If you have forgotten your log-in details speak to your teacher or, if your are a parent/carer contact the school office who will be able to help you.

 Advice for parents - a guide to mathematics in schools, although it refers to Levels, which are no longer used in school, there is a wealth of useful information and guidance as to how we now teach different mathematical skills.  (click here) 


Maths challenge - can you tell me who painted this picture and how many mathematical shapes or representations can you spot?

Clue - December 16th is his 148th birthday!! I bet Miss Pilling knows!



An interactive website for all ages and abilities - it's great, give it a try - it's FREE as well!! click here