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Weekly Learning at Home expectations - Autumn 2020

Home Learning

At the moment, we expect the children at Riddings Junior School to complete the following home learning:


1. CGP 10-Minute Weekly Workout Books – Year 3 and 4 will complete one workout per week alternating between Maths and English. Year 5 and 6 will complete a Maths and English piece each week.

These must be completed and returned to school on the day set by class teachers so that the work can be marked together and the questions discussed, explained and extended.

2. AR Reading Book and Home School diary – children should read at least 3 times a week for increasing periods of time and complete related activities in the Home-School diary. After finishing each reading book they should complete an online Accelerated Reader quiz.  Please feel free for them to quiz on any other books that they have read at home. There is an option to say whether they read the book or had it read to them.

3. TT Rockstars– 3 times a week. Children in Years 4, 5 and 6 should begin each session with at least one Studio and one Soundcheck activity. 

Year 3s have been directed to the Garage activities initially as this supports the consolidation of the 2,5,10 times tables.


4. Numbots – 3 times a week at least - this is vital for all year groups but especially Year 3 and 4 to ensure their rapid recall of number bonds and their understanding of the number system.

5. Spelling Frame – children are given a set list of spellings each week which need learning for a weekly check.  Spellings are based upon individual need and Year group expectations.  They should practise these at least 3 times a week and each session must include one Test activity but then they can play as many games and tiles as they wish.


6. Our new reading programme Lexia may also be accessed by Year 3 and 4 children only -  please click here to open the instruction sheet for accessing Lexia for the first time - once this has been done then you will only need to follow the link or use the app on an ipad or iphone.

Some children may have different or alternative homework,

packs or reading books based on individual need.

- if this is the case for your child then it will be shared with you by a member of the year group team.

General Points

This year, more than any other, it is vital that children are engaging with home learning, that families are supporting their children in learning at home, that we are ALL recognising (and rewarding) them when they are doing this and that we are challenging when they do not.

When any kind of self isolation, bubble closure or lockdown occurs within school, the first aspect of home learning will be all of the above – the usual homework that is set. Children who have developed good habits with their home learning and follow our school's expectations will find this easier.

Home learning should be a matter of routine for our children with their family's support. 

We will aim to maintain contact with any child who has to self-isolate through our texting service providing reminders and support. 

In some cases, children may receive a reminder ‘Do more, please’ text for reading, spellings, tables and homework. Whilst we will be mindful of how receiving several texts might impact on you as a parent/carer, our priority has to be the children's learning which has already been impacted upon.

This year, we won’t be able to hold traditional Parental Consultations and so communicating with you about your child's learning via text will become much more important.  Whilst ordinarily we might have had a quick chat at the gate, a text may now take its place. This might come across as more formal but it is important that both your child and you know our expectations and that your child has been given regular and very clear reminders to get into good habits and routines.