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St. John's Ealing

Learning Zone

Welcome to the Learning Zone

Please investigate the various links for different subjects that are found on the drop down menu.  These links can take you outside of the school website and although we do our very best to ensure these sites are safe we can never be 100% sure so please check them and report any concerns to your teacher.  Remember how we always talk about SMART online safety.


Home learning help

Learning, of course, isn't just about what happens in lessons at school.  We all know that our children are constantly learning and often they can teach us - after all do you know what a fronted adverbial is??

The internet is a great resource for discovering new information and for reminding us what we have forgotten when your child asks for a bit of help with multiplying fractions or explaining to us why it is snowing, or how does the International Space Station stay up? Of course don't forget the library which has a lot of non-fiction books.

 The subject links under the Learning Zone tab - and year group pages also have links which are specific to the areas being taught - dive right in!