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250 free e-books to read at home

BBC KS2 Bitesize - a bit long-winded to get to but the games and activities are worth the extra clicks!

BBC Bitesize KS2 - the older version of the site - can be a bit slower and clunky but the games and activities are still good.

The 100 best children's books list.  How many have you read? Which ones do you fancy reading and then sharing?


The Teaching of Reading at Riddings 

 By the  time children arrive in Y3, the majority have already learned to read.

Whilst we continue to develop their reading skills, the major focus in KS2 is on reading to learn. 

This means developing their reading comprehension skills so that they can understand increasingly more complex texts. Reading comprehension includes:  understanding and explaining character, setting and plot; using facts and clues to infer; recognising how the structure and organisation of different texts affects their 'readability'; being able to comment on the effectiveness (or otherwise) of the writer's choices; comparing texts from different time periods, cultures and genres; and having their own opinions which they can explain and justify.


To develop this challenging range of skills, we use the Accelerated Reading on-line reading programme, book banded reading books, class readers, traditional reading comprehension and a very effective strategy based on Inference Training which we call Inferential Reading.

This is an in-class and intervention programme where the focus is on developing the above skills in an interactive, focussed, language-rich way. Children are explicitly taught the strategies that 'good readers' use automatically so that they can apply them to their reading across the curriculum.

These strategies include:

*activating back ground knowledge

*making predictions and asking questions

*spotting what is important

*noticing meaning 'breakdowns'

*solving the breakdowns so reading makes sense

*visualising whilst reading

*finding clues (little details)

*identifying the gist (big picture)

We have been teaching reading comprehension via the Inferential Reading approach since the Summer of 2015 and it has proved very successful. We hope you will very quickly begin to spot these strategies in use : )

For more information, please pop in and have a word with Mrs Jarvis.