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St. John's Ealing

Catch -Up (Boost) Funding 2020-21

March 2021

The school closure in November 2020 and the Lockdown from January to March 8th has meant that our Boost plans have altered significantly.  The change to class bubbles has meant that we are not able to support the children with as many Boost sessions as was originally planned (in essence halved).  As a result we have refocused our energies on key curriculum areas.  Each year group has highlighted specific areas of weakness and classes organised accordingly.  Mrs Cope continues to come into school Tuesday to Wednesday to enable us to reduce group sizes and provide intensive support where necessary.  In addition other staff are able to work with very small groups or on a 1 to 1 basis.

This support programme will continue until such time as it is deemed safe to move to year group bubbles.


September 2020

You may be aware that schools have been provided with limited funding (approximately £18000) this year to provide 'Catch-Up' learning for pupils whose progress was damaged by Lockdown. As a staff, and with our Governors support, we are taking the view that all our children have been disadvantaged to some extent and they all deserve the support we can provide for them (in addition to what we usually do).  

Our Boost sessions (our name for Catch-Up) will enable every child to receive an additional focused hour of learning for each of Arithmetic, Reading and Writing.

Boost sessions will be taught to smaller groups as we will be increasing available teacher time in the school day.  We feel that this model will have most impact for our children and allow us to deliver quality learning that every child can access. 

Teachers plan the work carefully and our Boost sessions began after the October half-term.  Sessions are addressing the gaps that children have been assessed as having in each of the areas.

The smaller groups created by having 3 teachers will enable the work to be appropriate and targeted  for each child.

Progress from starting points will be monitored and adjustments made when necessary.  Success will be evident as each unit is taught and will ultimately lead to increased rates of progress throughout the year with an improvement in the children's End of Year Attainment being the ultimate goal. 

Mrs Cope will be in school more frequently to enable us to deliver the lessons as effectively as possible to all year groups.  

 The Boost timetable can be seen below: