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Welcome to Riddings Junior School  


Progress, Respect, Independence,

Determination and Excellence

 We work together to ensure that all children can be successful both academically and as members of society.

We strive to improve standards and maintain high expectations for all, helping children to aspire to the best they can be.

Our Children enjoy coming to school - they are challenged to be responsible for their own learning and through our stimulating curriculum extend their understanding of the world around them.

We work together as a community, everyday, to make sure our children are fully equipped for their future, showing

PRIDE in who they are

PRIDE in what they can achieve

PRIDE in who they may become and

PRIDE in our shared values.

Half-term update

As we move toward the end of this half-term I would like to take the opportunity to say, once again, how delighted we have been with the children over the past weeks. Despite the time missed since March and the changes we have had to make to school they have responded brilliantly.  There have been some individual ups and downs which have been supported but our decision to focus on school being about learning and living up to our PRIDE aims has been vindicated.

Thank you to the many of you who have supported us by reinforcing the importance of your child's learning at home and recognising that without this support school will not be able to close all the gaps that have appeared. Never has the partnership between school and home been more important. 



CEOP helps any child or young person under the age of 18 who is being pressured, forced or tricked into taking part in sexual activity of any kind. This can be something that has taken place either online or in ‘the real world’, or both. The CEOP Safety Centre has clear information and advice on what can be reported to CEOP, the reporting process and what will happen if you do decide to make a report. You can visit the CEOP Safety Centre and make a report directly to CEOP by clicking the Click CEOP button. If you are experiencing online bullying or something else online has worried you please speak to an adult you trust, or you can talk to Childline at any time on 0800 1111 or at  


As a school we take internet safety very seriously and  stress the need for everyone to use the internet in a safe and responsible manner.  Please read the Keeping Our Children Safe link under the 'Parents' tab for more information and the recent news entry directing you to a useful resource for determining the appropriateness of various websites, Apps and Games that your child might be accessing. 

Mr Cates


7th September 2020

After all the planning, organising and agonising over detail it has been wonderful to welcome all the children back to school and to be able to say hello to parents & carers too, especially those of you who are new to us.  

Our first day back saw attendance at 99% and the children happily settling to learning within minutes.  We know that there is much to do on the learning front after the last few months but with your total support we will, I am sure move the children on quickly and address the P in PRIDE.

Our plans and systems have worked well, inevitably there have been some tweaks but the children have responded excellently to the new ways of working, especially with staggered times throughout the day. One such change can be found in the News section for Eaton Class (Miss Punter's) on the left hand side of this page. I know that the staggered start and finish times have caused some organisational difficulties for a few families but your support is invaluable as we look to get the children in and out of school as safely as we can.

Year 3 have been superb, taking the change of building and staff in their stride and delighting in being able to climb trees in the Forest Playground whilst Year 6 have stepped up to the role of being ambassadors for the school. 

Please ensure that your child doesn't arrive at school early (I never thought I'd say that!) as this helps avoid year groups mixing and makes our task of getting the children into school and hand-washing more straightforward. 

Please continue to take care and exercise social distancing whilst waiting for your child at the end of the day - think of others - and please, if you have to bring your car, park away from the yellow zig-zag lines and school building.

Mr Cates


26th August 2020

I hope that you are all safe and well and have managed some sort of a break over the summer.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming everyone back to school on Thursday 3rd September.  We know that it will be a bit strange for some but with your support we are sure that the children will settle into school quickly and happily.  Please ensure that you have refreshed yourselves with the organisation of drop-off and pick-up times (click here) for your child's year group(s). Remember that if you arrive before or after the designated time slots your child will have to wait away from the school site until we can bring them safely into school.

As we move closer to starting back it seems that we've been here before with face masks - it was a hot topic of conversation at the end of July and now we have yet another announcement from the Government.  However, the Guidance for Primary Schools remains the same so our Risk Assessment and our stance regarding staff and pupils not wearing face-masks whilst at school remains the same.

Where we are asking for your co-operation is that if you have a pre-arranged appointment to come onto the school site to speak to school staff, including Mrs Lonie and Mrs Roberts in the office, that you wear a face-mask and continue to respect social distancing guidance for adults. 

Once all of the children are back in school our organisation and plans will inevitably change because after all 240 children do not always operate in accordance with  paperwork!  We will continually monitor our arrangements and adapt how we work and inform you of any changes. As I have said I know that the arrangements for the start and end of school will cause disruption to some of your working patterns. We too have had to work with our own staff to support them in managing the arrangements their children's schools have made. Unfortunately, this is unavoidable but the safety of school communities has to be everyone's over-riding consideration.

Please do your utmost to support your child and school in the first few days as we all get used to new ways of working and refer to the letter that we sent out to you in July in the first instance if you have questions.

Year 3 Parents / Carers

When you bring your child on to site we will not insist upon you wearing a face mask as long as you follow social distancing guidance. As our lower playground is a good-sized outdoor space, this is possible. Seeing your faces is primarily for our own safeguarding procedures.  Given that we will not know many of you it is important that we get to recognise you as soon as possible in order to help ensure that your child leaves school safely in the care of a known person.  If you need to talk to your child's teacher we would ask that you don a mask at this point. 


See you next week.

Mr Cates



30th July 2020

As you may have heard there has is unhelpful speculation about whether face masks should be worn in school when we start back in September.  Unless Government Guidance (Section 1.3) changes neither children nor adults will do so at Riddings Junior.  If the situation changes over the next month then of course we will keep you informed via the website.

School uniform and hair cuts

As a number of the children (and staff) have enjoyed the opportunity to experiment with hair colours and styles during lockdown to enable these to grow out naturally (and to avoid emergency hairdresser visits in the last week of the summer break) there will be a relaxation in our policy about hairstyles and colours for the first half term. In September we do expect children to return to school in our usual uniform - click here for our uniform expectations

21st July 2020

Well the last day of the summer term is upon us and today we say goodbye to the group of children who have been in school regularly since March as children of Key Workers. They have been quite amazing despite knowing it's their parents who have been on the front-line.  They have all, without exception, dealt with the changes to their home and school lives with humour and acceptance, carried on learning and providing support to their parents.  We're glad we've been able to do our small bit by providing a safe and supportive place for them to come each day. 

It has been lovely being able to see all of our other children - including our new Year 3 - for Transition Visits over the last few weeks and although the visits were shorter than we wanted we hope that they will help the children look forward to September.  We know that it will be a bit different when school starts back but are hoping the children will take it in their stride and any help you can provide by sharing the changes of routine with them will be appreciated.  A copy of the letter we sent to you regarding September arrangements can be found here

We all hope you are able to enjoy the summer (it's fingers crossed for the reappearance of the sun) and that you manage a change from whatever your normality has been for the past months. 

Thank you to those of you who have offered your support, good wishes and kind words (plus cakes and chocolates) since March - they have kept us going when things have been a challenge (including Government Guidance coming out at 5.30pm on a Friday).  We can't wait until September to see all of the children again.

Take care

Mr Cates and the staff of Riddings Junior School


PS School uniform and hair cuts! In September we expect children to return to school in full uniform - click here for our uniform expectations.  

However one slight uniform relaxation will be with regard to hairstyles for the first half term.  A good number of the children (and staff) have enjoyed the opportunity to experiment with a multitude of hair colours and styles and so that these can grow out naturally the children won't need to make emergency visits to the hairdressers in that final week. It means I can continue to have my silver highlights too!


17th July 2020

Today is the last day for our Year 6 who returned to school in June - it is a very sad day for us all, not only because of saying goodbye to them but also because we are not able to say it to all of the year group.  For those of you who are at home we are thinking of you as well and hope that as you have been filling your Leaver's Books you have had the opportunity to reflect, with a smile, on the past 4 years as part of Riddings Junior School. 

As I said to you we are still determined to say a proper goodbye in St James church when we are able to so that we can be together as a whole year group one last time.  Until that day take care, keep yourselves safe and we miss you all.

Mr Cates


30th June 2020 - 'Sports Day' Results

A huge well done to everyone who participated in Sports Day this year either at home or in school - it's been great to see you competing on Twitter and to receive your scores through Miss Jones' online recording system. So.........

                       Year 3 & 4                                                   Year 5 & 6

4th Place 4th Place
3rd Place 3rd Place
2nd Place 2nd Place
1st Place 1st Place

The overall winners of Sports Day were the Green Dragons!

29th June 2020

Update letter from Mr Cates - towards the end of term and on to September.

Click here  


19th June



Please click on the appropriate Year Group links below to read the different letters outlining how we will provide a small amount of face to face support for your child before the end of the school year.  There is also a letter for current Year 3 parents about re-organising classes for Year 4.

We hope that this will help the children in looking forward to next year.  Of course we have no guidance as yet about what September may look like - as usual we'll hear at the same time as you! 

Year 2 

Year 3 reorganisation 

Years 3, 4 & 5  

  End of Term information for Year 6

Year 6  

Thank you and take care

Mr Cates



18th June 2020

Please check out the links in the News section to your right for two competitions that are running next week - it would be great if you can help your team succeed.

TTRockstars class versus class

Sports Day - Home and Away - School Teams 


17th June 2020

Year 6 have been back with us for two weeks now and everything has gone really positively.  The children have been excellent in following the new 'normal' routines and applying social distancing despite it being hard going when there are so many friends they'd like to play with.  Following another invitation another group of 8 will be starting back to school tomorrow. 

School is now in the strange position of being very nearly full despite only having a quarter of the children in - all of the teachers are now teaching a group (Year 6 or Key Worker) and we have nearly run out of space.  If you do require a Key Worker place in the future then please be aware that there are only a very few spaces available before all the groups are full.

It was sad to think that Year 6 should have been on their London Residential last week visiting museums, the London Eye, taking the river taxis and experiencing the Lion King - we have all missed so many things over the last few months but hopefully as we all do our utmost to limit the spread of the Coronavirus we will be able to plan for the future with a little more certainty. 


On Thursday 4th June we were delighted to welcome back a number of our Year 6 pupils as the first step in our wider opening of school.  It has taken a tremendous amount of planning and preparation for this to happen - with a hiccough or two along the way - but the smiles on the faces of the children as they greeted parents at the end of the day told the story.  Thank you to the children who have responded so well to the new way of working in school and to parents for your support and kind words.  Year 6 have joined the increasing number of Key Worker children in school which has meant that at long last the building is feeling a little more like school again.

We know that there are a number of parents who are still considering whether their Year 6 child should take up their place - at present the places are still there for you but as numbers increase please be aware that school may become full as due to operating social distancing measures there is a limit to the number of children who can be taught in one classroom.  For children who remain at home we of course continue to provide learning guidance on the website (Learning at Home tab) and are looking to purchase a new set of home learning books for their use.

As ever we hope that you and your families are safe and well.

Mr Cates



Welcome back letter  Click here 



Welcome back to the oddest start of a Summer Term we've ever experienced - at least the sun is shining!  We hope you managed some sort of family time together over the Easter period.  School has re-opened to the children of Key Workers (please see the Key Worker tab above) and to a small number of other children.

You may have noticed that two new resources to help your children Learn at Home have been released today - the BBC Bitesize programme and The National Oak Academy.  We are looking at these this morning to provide some advice about how best to use them alongside the work and resources that we have already provided.  We are aiming to do this by this afternoon as, like you, have not seen them before.  At this strange time it is great that so many people have come together to provide support for the children.

We are very conscious that most of the resources on offer require homes to have easy access to the internet and that for some households this is an problem.  Please call school if this is an issue for you and we will work with you to provide a solution - in the meantime additional workbooks will be ordered so that the children have another resource to use.  

Take care

The RJS Team



We hope you had as restful an Easter as possible and managed to consume a little chocolate!  

School is open again after the Bank Holidays until Thursday 16th - we shall be fully open to Key Worker children on Monday 20th April to start the somewhat strange Summer term.  

Please check out the additional information that is now on the website - especially under these tabs:  


Please don't forget to share the learning your child is doing at home via the class twitter feeds - it's great to see what they are up to.

Take care



School is now closed until 8.30 am on Tuesday 14th April  - take care, keep safe together and we hope you are able to have as positive a Easter weekend as possible.



As we start the Easter 'Holiday' (a strange notion at the moment especially as school remains open for much of the break) we all hope that you and your families are taking as much care as you can and staying safe.  For those of you with family members who are not so well please know that they are in our thoughts and prayers.

Please CLICK HERE where you will find a letter from us to the children - please share this with them if at all possible.


Miss Saville and I have been spending some time re-arranging the website and have included a number of new tabs which you will see above. 

  • Key Worker Information holds all the Key Worker arrangements previously posted on the front page of the website.  
  • Family Well-Being  has a number of resources on it that you might find useful for supporting your own, and others families at this time.
  • Twitter has the class Twitter account @names for you to follow and share what your children have been doing at home with their class-mates and teachers.
  • Learning at Home continues to hold the work, resources and links that have been provided for your children to dip in and out of.


School staff will all be taking a little time to be with their families over Easter but school is open at different points for Key Worker children and will be a point of contact for families if needed.  

Mr Cates


 Learning at home  





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